Bingo! Hunter Students Use Social Media Game to Reconnect

Have you ever lost your Hunter ID? Fallen asleep in a big lecture? Been late to class because you accidentally got on an express train? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might qualify for a win in Hunter College Bingo.

Isolated in our respective quarantine locations, Hunter students crave even the slightest bit of normalcy and a way to interact with their peers. Hunter College Bingo has become a fun way for students to reconnect and relate to each other to feel like campus life is still thriving. All over social media, students are posting Bingo cards with quippy Hunter College related content, marking off the squares that apply to them.

Anjor Khadilkar, a student at Hunter College, made one of these Bingo cards for her school when she saw her friends doing the same. “I saw a lot of different friends of mine posting Bingo cards for their schools. I didn’t, however, see one for Hunter, so I set out to change that,” she said. And to her delight, it was circulated all over social media.

“Tons of people told me they’d seen it reposted a bunch and it made its way to the Hunter Facebook group. I took it as a sign of success, since everyone knows memes are usually dead once they end up on Facebook,” she explained. “That phrasing doesn’t sound positive but I guess it meant it made its way through Instagram and Twitter and eventually hit the zeitgeist to die a successful death on Facebook.”

The Hunter purple card includes more comical phrases: “Homies with your halal cart guy,” and “Had to take class with a rat,” to name a couple. But it also includes squares that take slight jabs at the school, like “5th floor library being closed during your time there.” These universal experiences for current students can be boiled down to little squares on Bingo cards. Students fill the cards out and share them online, on their Snapchat and Instagram stories, tagging their friends to do the same and comparing their results.

Smaller communities within Hunter have also made Bingo cards of their own. The Macaulay Honors College Twitter account joined in on the fun, posting a card with squares like “Wore MHC @ Hunter Clothing,” and “Took a Virtual Museum Tour.” Another card, made for the Brookdale dorms, went around as well, with squares like “Heard or spoke to ghosts,” and “‘Dined and dashed’ a Gameroom event.” While these Bingo cards might be particular to certain groups of students, a wide array of their peers are likely to relate as well.

A student views Brookdale Bingo on her phone. Photo by Marissa Cronin

The Bingo trend has even prompted people to fill out blank cards titled “How Similar Are You To _____” where people fill out a blank template with tidbits about themselves for their friends to try out.

Right now is a time when it’s hard to find entertainment in the constant barrage of an intense news cycle, but Khadilkar thinks that any form of distraction helps. “I think they ended up being a good way for people to connect during this weird, distance learning time. A lot of Hunter students’ gripes are location-specific, and we don’t really have a location anymore,” she said. 

“Making a Bingo card with common experiences like having the elevators not working or the library’s 5th floor being closed brought people together, I think,” Khadilkar said. “People like to commiserate a lot more than they like to celebrate, and I don’t blame them. I’m people.”

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