Board of Trustees Votes to Refund Unvaccinated Students Who Were Withdrawn From Classes

Students who were withdrawn from in-person and hybrid classes due to CUNY’s vaccine policy will have the cost of their classes refunded, according to a policy passed by the CUNY board of trustees last Monday. The college is only refunding money to students who paid out-of-pocket. 

Students who were withdrawn from classes received a “WA” grade after not submitting proof of vaccination by the deadline, Oct. 8. Unvaccinated students without a religious or medical exemption are no longer allowed on CUNY campuses. 

About 150 Hunter College students received exemptions from the vaccine requirement, while 50 to 60 students did not and can no longer enter the campus, said Hunter President Jennifer Raab at a Hunter College Senate meeting. 

While each individual college evaluated religious exemption applications, medical exemption applications across CUNY were reviewed by one doctor. The 150 students who received exemptions will continue to be tested weekly.

Unvaccinated students who were not exempted can continue in their online classes or hybrid courses – if all of the in-person sessions have already taken place. Those enrolled in hybrid classes that meet in-person later in the semester must upload proof of vaccination at least 10 days before the first in-person session. If they don’t comply with the vaccine mandate, they will also be withdrawn from those courses.

Campus financial aid offices will manage the refunds, and eligible students will be notified. Students who received financial aid this semester will receive further information about how the withdrawal will impact it, according to CUNY’s website.

The Envoy’s Jasmine Shiffer contributed to this story.

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